Why am I feeling like this cat looks?

The look on this cat's face was the look on mine about five minutes ago. Why?

Because, there's something you should never lose in business (obviously apart from millions) and that is

the ability to suck it up.

I had to suck it up (and that's how my face looked just before I did it).

A learned colleague of mine (OK, let's in fact call them what they are, a very smart friend) was enjoying my website and taking a peek at my venture.

Several minutes later some helpful hints about some grammatical aspects of my site came through on email. Unfortunately (for my pride) they were correct, and could not be ignored for the benefit of my business.

I took a hit and sucked it up. I made small changes to my website and improved its professional appearance.

OK so maybe referring to the fact that there were errors on my site on this very Blog could be undoing some of that professional standing but, you know, I don't mind.

Why have I shared this with you?

Because when it comes to copywriting, the little things are important. The punctuation, the grammar and simply the nuance all contribute to your message.

When it comes to your business,

taking honest feedback about your business is critical to your success.

You may be wondering why a copywriter is dabbling in the how-to's of business?

Because over time I've noticed that the businesses that are the easiest to promote are the ones who are honest about themselves. When they listen to feedback from their clients and customers they've engaged in a valuable relationship.

They've opened the dialogue that will help them improve and grow. At this time of the year it's a good time to seek feedback and take stock of how you appear to your clients and customers.

A clear, concise understanding of your business makes it much easier to communicate a clear and concise message.

I love that, because it also makes my job a lot easier.

Lyndall Talbot is a Newcastle and The Hunter based copywriter. Contact on 0408 747 173.

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