A worry bunny

My daughter and I have been talking about writing a book to help small children understand and beat their worries. A talking point picture book that could help parents sit down and have a conversation with small children to make the worries seem less scary and to give some ideas about overcoming anxiety. We were shooting the breeze this afternoon, when she told me about Storybird, a website that publishes books. We logged on, used the bunny as our inspiration, and married the ideas we had for the book with the gorgeous pictures by Paul McDougall. How amazing that something we thought of could be designed and available so quickly. We've shared it with family and friends. We hope you enjoy T

What's it all about...Alfie???

What's it all about...Alfie? I'm a copywriter and a marketer making my way in the world of strategy, branding, promotion and all that important stuff. It's my business to cut through all the other messages out there with a simple straightforward communication delivered straight to a customer's head and heart (did the cute teddy bear pic work?). Easy right? Well, it can be...but most of the time it's not quite that simple and to be honest, it shouldn't be. We're smarter than that you and I, we consumers. In an ever increasingly cynical world of message and content overload even I find myself weary and wary of the way organisations are trying to connect with me. I often feel manipulated and

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